Sunday, March 10, 2013

March Painting update 1

Right lots more WWII Germans and a few US Infantry and Paras. 

Possibly some 25mm fantasy as well if I get the chance, probably a couple of dwarves and some elven duellists.

German infantry include my first stab at the marsh (sumpfmuster 43) camouflage using Vallejo 821 German Camouflage Beige, 896 Extra Dark Green and 984 Flat Brown. For the previous ones in Splittermuster 31 I used Vallejo 821, 826 German Camouflage Medium Brown and 890 Reflective Green.

Revell US Paras. This platoon is pretty much complete only needing a radio man added to the command and the 60mm mortar team. 

Italeri WW2 US Infantry in winter gear - for this platoon I'll need plenty more riflemen to complete it,

Revell WW2 German Infantry in winter gear - this is just the special weapons and machine pistols. The MG no 2 is in part finished splittermuster while the others are in an attempt at sumpfmuster. The white figure is going to be painted as in a snowsuit. 

Revell German riflemen - mostly with K98 but some with G43.

A few Italeri German figures to make up the rest of the platoon with a couple more Revell riflemen. I've replaced the wall the MG bipod was resting on with milliput that I'll scuplt to look like a tree stump.