Sunday, February 10, 2013

Mid February painting update

Well some progress made - mainly on my WWII US and Germans with 35 figures nearing completion and the next batch started with 20 cleaned up, based and PVA coated ready for painting to start. Now really need to crack on with my 10mm Zulus who I've tried to get a good start on.

My intention with the Zulus was to at least paint a few bases that I could submit to Pendraken's painting competition - not with any hopes of winning but just to get me painting the figures.

Platoon 20 US Paras - these are now made by East Riding Miniatures,

Revell WWII German Infantry - late war in winter gear

Italeri WWII German Elite Troops - painted as normal Heer troops for my late war project

Esci WWII German Infantry and one metal figure of unknown make.

Italeri WWII Germans from the Anti-Tank set painted in the Reed Green fatigue uniform and a Revell US Para officer. 

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