Sunday, January 06, 2013

Wargames plans for 2013

1. Paint more miniatures - though I did a reasonable number by my own standards I've got a lot of unpainted lead and plastic to get on with. Priorities are mainly with my WWII figures and a few skirmish games that can lead to quick finishes.

2. Conversions - got a few ideas including using some old GW Skink archers to make some specials for a Skink unit, again I'll be concentrating on doing some WWII figures first, particularly to address the normal problem of soft plastic sets having very unrepresentative mixes of weapons. I'll post pics of what I've tried doing in case anyone wants to try and follow or offer hints.

3. Get more games played. Particular things will be NUTS! and Colonial Adventures from Two Hour Wargames, Too Fat Lardies' Troops, Weapons & TacticsSong of Blades and Heroes from Ganesha Games and if I get somewhere with my Spanish Civil War figures from Pendraken, Through the Mud & The Blood from Too Fat Lardies.

4. Assemble some model vehicles and terrain. A mixture of putting stuff together for my WWII games and getting some basic terrain work done.

Some specific painting projects follow.

Sidhe - Alternative Armies figures. I bought these many years ago so need to get on and paint them. I've not got all the currently produced figures and a couple of out of production ones, but certainly enough to play skirmish games. 



WWII - Ardennes US and Germans - sort out an infantry platoon for each with the US I'll aim at having  a Paratrooper and a ground infantry platoon ready and with the Germans the necessary bits to do a Volksgrenadier Sturm platoon and a regular infantry platoon.Also to finish off the early/mid war German infantry platoon that I've shown progress on in 2012.
The next steps for WWII will be the Armourfast Sherman and StugIII kits that I have waiting around as support for the relevant sides.

SF - paint up my Ground Zero Games FSE and NSL figures so that will give me about a platoon of each and then probably give Stargrunt II and Tomorrow's War a try.

Samurai (Sengoku period) - lots of Peter Pig figures to clean up, paint and base. Looking to put together enough for two 500 point armies for the Battles in the Age of War rules which is probably getting close to 200 figures in 15mm so lots of painting to do. 

Other bits and pieces will include finishing up some more ACW Infantry, Artillery and Cavalry so that I can play reasonably sized games with Fire & Fury and They Couldn't Hit an Elephant. 

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