Tuesday, January 08, 2013

And some more plans for 2013

As I felt there were some more things I'd omitted from my last post for my plans for 2013 I thought I'd add them here.


I've got a set of the 44th Strathcarnage and Killmore Joccians that I picked up on ebay to paint up, this only has 7 figures so one of the infantry is missing, but I do have the officer, piper and 5 musketeers to make another reasonably sized Flintloque section.

Another Flintloque project will be turning the 5 Lanciers Rouge that I picked up on ebay into a full section by converting two trooper into an officer and a trumpeter. I'll document this conversion on the blog and it'll give me my first cavalry section.

The other things I can do before putting my hand into my wallet will be to paint up my personality figures, currently the ones I have to work on are Bombardier Bedford, the artist Goyah and King Fernando of the Dark Elves.

I'll also look to get in a few games of Flintloque where my Todoroni can earn their spurs.

Lots of other ideas have already suggested themselves to me but I suspect I'll try and just deal with all the things in this post and the previous one.

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Tony said...

I look forward to seeing the progress.

Remember - one step at a time.