Sunday, November 25, 2012

WWII Project Next Steps

With my WWII project I've got plenty of unpainted plastic and metal to deal with before I start buying much more stuff.

The next tasks are:

  1. finish the basing on the figures that I've matt varnished.
  2. retouch/finish the figures with damaged paintwork (about a dozen or so).
  3. sort out the next batch of undercoated figures for painting - I'll probably concentrate on the US paras/infantry for a Battle of the Bulge game.
  4. sort out the undercoated Revell and Italeri late war German infantry for the Bulge game and paint them
  5. do a couple of quick games with Nuts! from Two Hour Wargames and Flying Lead from Ganesha Games.
  6. finish off US Para and German Volksgrenadier platoons.
  7. get started with some of the vehicles that I've got hanging around.
  8. do some games with Nuts! including vehicles and Too Fat Lardies' Troops, Weapons & Tactics.
  9. get on with all the other stuff that I've got including other wargames periods and projects
At the moment I've got all the following to work on:
  • Esci German Infantry (early-mid war), British Infantry
  • Revell German Infantry (late war winter), German Panzergrenadiers (mid war), British Infantry (late war), British Paratroopers
  • Italeri German Elite Infantry (late war winter), US Infantry (late war winter), Anti-Tank teams 
  • Armourfast StugIIIG, Pzkfw IVG, Sherman M4A3 (75mm)
  • Airfix Opel Blitz and Pak40 - possibly going to sell and replace with other items as these are a bit small in comparison to the other stuff and not quick build wargames models.
  • SHQ German Infantry (assorted early and late war including HMG), late war Sdkfz 7, Kubelwagen.
  • Zvezda German HMG (early-mid war)
  • Platoon 20 US Paras, Russian Naval Infantry
  • Pegasus 75mm le IG18
Which should keep me busy. Main needs are some Halftracks for the Allies and Germans, Jeeps and some more AT guns.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

WW2 Miniatures Project

Some soft plastic WW2 miniatures that have been hanging round to base and finish off for ages.

Just need another coat of matt varnish to protect them and some basing and ready to use. I've also got a load more in various states of preparation that I need to get on with.

German Infantry - early to mid war uniforms - Esci figures apart from one Italieri figure from their WWII Anti-Tank Team set on the far left in the front row. 

Italieri WWII US infantry in winter uniforms (first three) and US Para Bazooka operator and Officer from the WWII Anti-Tank team set

Revell US Paratroopers.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Third Flintloque section finished

And my painting frenzy continues with some more Flintloque figures and some Dwarves.

My first section of Ferach Elves. Chasseurs of the Garde from the Shilling Service pack. Now only the Esprit   du Garde cavalryman to go now. 

Three more dwarves for my Song of Blades and Heroes warband - two Alternative Armies models figures flanking an old Asgard miniature. 

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Painting update 10 November

And some more work done as I get closer to finishing some Ferach Elves and Dwarves. Just the last touches of varnish and flock onto the bases and they will be ready for use.

Elves with nearly everything completed.

Dwarves - this came out a little dark as the battery was going.

Friday, November 02, 2012

Painting update 1 November

Work in progress on painting

Ferach elves from the Catalucia shilling service pack from Alternative Armies, only needing the last washes and highlights for completion.

Elven duellists, again from Alternative Armies also nearing completion.

Latest ebay purchases - some old Asgard miniatures which will need some work to replace broken or missing separate weapons, but the dwarf second from right will help to reinforce my existing Asgard dwarven force.