Friday, April 13, 2012

My latest wargames project

Flintloque - fantasy napoleonic skirmish level gaming

The picture shows some of my first set of figures for these rules - Nepolise Todoroni. I've started painting these up in white uniforms, with the initial base coat as grey then a paler grey shade above and a white highlight as shown in the following pictures.

The paints used so far are Citadel Foundation Kharlog Green for the skin, Iyaden Darksun for the eyes and Vallejo 992 Neutral Grey as the base for the white clothing. The final appearance will have white uniforms with black bicornes, boots, leggings and equipment and white webbing. The facings will be in amaranth to add a splash of colour.

Officer from 56505 Bella Lugosi militia and noble from VLE07 Artist Goyah

Singer, Standard Bearer and Sergeant from Bella Lugosi militia. 

Bella Lugosi militia troops. 

I'll do some more posts in the next few days showing the painting progress.

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