Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Minis painting update 25 April

An update on my minis projects

Todoroni Noble and 2 Militia

Facings are in Vallejo 70829 Amaranth, the cockade and noble's trousers in 70957 Flat Red

Todoroni Singer, Officer and Standard Bearer

Rear view of the above trio

3 Militia troops

Rear view of the troops

Some Orcs in a semi oriental style that I've had part painted for ages and am finally finishing off


Tony said...

Great Toads - be aware that Rob Alderman (the sculptor) once wrote an article on painting toads. Not sure where - maybe the original Barking Irons (the paper one), but well worth searching out if toads are your thing!


Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work on the Flintloque models.

- Rattatooie

Dave said...

Thanks for the comments.

I'll see if I can dig that up on Barking Irons online, otherwise I'll do a post linking to Rob's Videos on YouTube.