Sunday, November 20, 2011

WWII miniatures work in progress

Germans - just awaiting basing and matt varnish.

Esci, Italeri and unidentified metal figures.

Italeri MG34

Metal MG team and riflemen

Esci NCO and riflemen

Esci MP40 and Officer

The majority of the figures are from the old Esci German Infantry set which is now produced by Italeri, with the Italeri MG34 from the Anti-Tank set. The metal figures I picked up on e-bay and I'm unsure of the make.

Current painting

Mainly Revell US paratroopers and Italeri US infantry in winter dress, with an odd German that I needed to retouch.


Anonymous said...

Cool stuff.

Patrick Hudson said...

Very nice. Takes me back, it does!