Saturday, November 05, 2011

WWII in 20mm Plastic

One of my main wargames projects now is to do some WWII games with 20mm plastic figures as the majority of my forces. I'm supplementing them with some metal figures to fill in gaps that exist in the coverage of the different forces weapons and equipment.

What started me off on this was finding some old Esci WWII British and German infantry sets that were complete and gave me a decent basis for a couple of sections of infantry for each side. Since then I've made some firmer plans for what I'm going to do with the figures, vehicles and terrain that I create.

My initial aim is to do a US airborne platoon and a German infantry platoon, with some appropriate support from AFVs and support weapons. As the Esci Germans are in early war uniforms I've picked up the Revell set of German infantry who are in late war uniforms and have the varied weapons that are appropriate for that period. For the US airborne I've picked up the Revell US Paratrooper set and this is pretty good for the necessary figures to field a complete platoon in one box though it did need some supplementary figures. I'll publish some pictures of the WIP of the figures soon and reviews of the figure sets that I've picked up.

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