Monday, September 26, 2011

Current Wargaming Projects

My current wargaming projects are really based round recent sales and purchases I've made on ebay, where  I'm clearing out unwanted odds and ends from the minis collection and buying things that will enable me to get games running soon.

I've bought some 15mm ACW to add to my existing collection and get me closer to being able to play some battles with Fire & Fury and They Couldn't Hit an Elephant.

My other project was a bit more of a spur of the moment notion as I had a few boxes of Esci WWII British and Germans and decided that I would play WWII skirmish level games in 20mm. To that end I've bought a copy of Two Hour Wargames Nuts rules from ebay, which are actually the first edition rather than the current one and am also going to try Flying Lead from Ganesha games. If I build up enough figures and get a decent size folding table made up then I will also use Too Fat Lardies Troops, Weapons & Tactics for a platoon level game.

The picture shows my German WWII figures in progress.

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