Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A mutant future NPC

Another character in my series of creating characters for every RPG I have.

A Mutant future character - this will be a mutated human as one of the real defaults for the setting. So rolling 3d6 in order for the characters attributes I get 12, 13, 14, 10, 8, 8 - so good physical attributes but weak mentally. Starting funds: 3d8x10 = 16 x10 = 160gp, which is pretty good. Mutations: 2 physical, 1 mental - 16 Echolocation, 10 Dual headed, 89 Dual cerebellum (defective) - this means a further 1d4 mental mutations with half being defective rounding up - so one further defective mutation. I'm houseruling that the defective mental mutation cannot be another defective dual celebellum and I found that I had 14 points so used a d20 re-rolling any score over 14. I ended up rolling a phobia. A roll of 3 on the phobia table gives me an animal type which I'll work out as part of fleshing out the character. The dual cerebellum means that a secondary personality exists for the character that will take over once a month for 24 hours.

The mutations actually work quite logically for the character which is something that I don't mind as having contradictory values can be fun for a short while, but often presents difficulties in actually playing them as a PC or NPC.

Bobo Ferell
Race: Mutant Human Level: 1
Experience: 0
HP: 49 AC: 5/6 (with/without shield)
Move 60/20/60
Alignment: Chaotic

Strength: 12+0 to hit, damage and open doors.
Dexterity: 13-1 to AC, +1 to hit with missiles, +1 on reaction
Constitution: 14+0 to saving throws, 14 d6 hd
Intelligence: 10- +0 to technology roll
Willpower: 8
Charisma: 8+1 on reaction rolls, max 3 retainers morale 6

Bobo comes from a village of largely mutated humans that has survived by farming and hunting in the wastelands. Bobo has had to flee after his secondary personality, Equill emerged and committed murder to steal a set of gems. He now tries to earn a living as a travelling merchant selling and buying what he can and avoiding staying too long where Equill might emerge and bring him into conflict or get him hung from a tree.

Warhammer +0 1d6
Dagger +0 1d4
Shortbow +1 1d6

Shortbow 25gp2lb
Quiver and 20 arrows 5gp3lb
Studded Leather 30gp20lb
Shield 10gp10lb
Backpack 2gp2lb
Bag of smoked insects2cp-lb
Flint & Steel2gp -
3 flasks oil3sp3lb
5 days trail rations25sp5lb
qill pen1sp-
1 oz vial of ink8gp-
5 sheets parchment10sp-
map or scroll case1gp.5lb
2 lb tobacco2sp2lb
1 lb ginger2gp1lb

The total for all the equipment is 109 gp 2sp 4cp meaning that leaves Bobo with 50gp, 7sp, 6cp as funds. The total encumbrance is 66.5 lbs which would give him a movement rate of 60 ft/20 ft/ 60 ft per round - turn/encounter/running.

As normal with this series of characters created I'm happy for other GM to use them as NPC or even as player characters and I'd love to hear what you have done with them.

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