Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Labyrinth Lord Character

Back to the series of creating a character for every RPG I own, I'm starting with Labyrinth Lord which is my old school RPG of choice. I've used the basic method of generating the stats using 3d6 in order. The rolls I got were 3, 11, 8, 12, 15 and 5 giving me a character that will be best as a cleric as the best attributes are Intelligence and Wisdom. As a Cleric he'll get +5% to experience as his prime requisite of Wisdom is between 13-15. Starting wealth - 3d8 x10 gives 130GP so not too bad.

One of the things I like with random generation is that it gives me ideas for what a character will be like, with these attributes making me think of an aging cleric who has spent years living cloistered as a monk, though not a traditional D&D style martial arts monk.

Arminius was apprenticed to the monastery of Wildrang as a young boy and has lived there for many years working to maintain the scrolls withing the library. Many years of solitary study have made him withdrawn and difficult in his manner with few social graces. After the loss of a rare scroll from the collection Arminius has been sent out into the world by the abbot to seek it out and find if it can be retrieved. He seeks to join with a band of adventurers who can aid him in his quest.


Class: Cleric Level: 1

HP: 5 AC: 4

Move 60/20/60

Alignment: Lawful

Strength: 3-3 to hit, damage and open doors.
Dexterity: 11- no modifiers
Constitution: 8-1 HP per die
Intelligence: 12- able to read and write
Wisdom: 15+1 to magic effects saving throws
Charisma: 5+1 on reaction rolls, max 2 retainers morale 5

In Labyrinth Lord a first level cleric is able to cast spells and though this is usually allowed to be varied each day for a cleric it is pretty unlikely that Arminius will ever use anything except a Cure Light Wounds.


Level 1: Cure Light Wounds

As a Cleric Arminius is limited to using blunt weapons so I have selected a mace and a sling so that he does have both melee and ranged attacks, though given how poor his strength is melee is a risky proposition for him. I've also purchased his other equipment including armour and miscellaneous gear.

Mace: -3 to hit 1d6-3 damage
Sling: +0 to hit 1d4-3 damage

Mace 5gp3lb
Sling 2gp-
10 sling bullets -5lb
Chain 70gp30lb
Shield 10gp10lb
Backpack 2gp2lb
Holy symbol, wooden1gp1lb
Flint & Steel2gp -
3 flasks oil3sp3lb
5 days trail rations25sp5lb
qill pen1sp-
1 oz vial of ink8gp-
5 sheets parchment10sp-
map or scroll case1gp.5lb

The total for all the equipment is 115gp 0sp leaving Arminus with a starting funds of 15gp which at least allows him some accomodation or food before beginning his adventuring career. His total encumbrance is 71.5 lbs giving him a movement rate of 60 ft per turn, 20 ft in encounters or 60 ft running in encounters.

As normal with this series of characters created I'm happy for other GM to use them as NPC or even as player characters and I'd love to hear what you have done with them.

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