Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Wargamers ADD - it can be conquered!

Like many miniatures wargamers I have a tendency to a form of ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) when it comes to new periods and scales, maybe something that should be called PFD - Project Finishing Disorder, but I have found this can be conquered.

My method is simply to refuse to purchase new miniatures until I have completed a specified number of the existing lead pile, the only exception being the odds and ends to finish existing forces for a project. So I have made a vow this year to paint a minimum of 50. Though as I need quite a lot of terrain that is not included in the spending ban.

As I  have enough figures for most of my projects this year maybe it isn't so hard, but I still think the main thing is to select one project and work on that till completion before getting involved in a new one.

My current projects are:
  • 25mm Fantasy and Medieval Skirmish with Song of Blades and Heroes, 
  • 10mm Zulu War with The Sword and the Flame, 
  • WWII with Fast and Dirty(FAD) and Troops, Weapons & Tactics,
  • 15mm American Civil War with Fire and Fury
  • 15mm SF with FAD
  • 15mm Fantasy with Hordes of the Things
Most of which I already have fair numbers of painted figures for already, so just sorting out terrain is the priority.

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