Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Gaming Podcast review: 24 RPG Haven podcast

The RPG Haven podcast is a fairly regular podcast on roleplaying games that I've been listening to recently. I think that I've now listened to enough episodes to put a review in place so here goes.

There are quite regular interviews with game designers and other industry figures, with some semi-regular segments like 'Friendly Neighborhood Gamer', where a gamer who is not heavily involved in the online pen & paper RPG scene is interviewed. I was particularly interested in the interviews with Neil Gow, designer of Beat to Quarters and Duty and Honour & Simon Washbourne designer of Barbarians of Lemuria, but I've found all the interviews to be well presented and conducted. The two hosts - walkerp and Mount Zion Ryan work well together to discuss games and conduct the interviews.

The podcast is produced in mono with a 96khz bit rate and can be dowloaded from the website above or via iTunes. I've found the downloads to be quick and reliable. The audio quality is good particularly considering that much of the podcast is produced using Skype to conduct the interviews or link up the two main presenters who are quite remote from each other.

I definitely recommend this podcast to anyone interested in the design and development of roleplaying games and will be listening regularly in future.

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