Thursday, March 04, 2010

Miniatures Review: 3 Peter Pig 15mm Fantasy Arabs

The Peter Pig range 19 "War in the Age of Magic" includes Arabian Knights fantasy with a Vizier and giant swordsman bodyguards, horsemen, clerics, thieves/assassins, archers, magic carpet riders and hordes of infantry swordsmen. I have bought all of these as a Hordes of the Things army which is illustrated in the pictures.

The clerics, assassins and swordsmen.

The Vizier and bodyguard with magic carpet riders behind

The cavalry

As a fantasy range I can't comment on historical accuracy, but the figures that I bought were cleanly moulded with minimal flash or mould lines to remove. The figures were pretty well posed though a little static and are anatomically consistent in the normal chunky Peter Pig style.

From the pictures on the Peter Pig website it appears that the range has been remodelled since I bought mine, but the general comments still apply. The newer designs appear to be more active than the ones that I have.

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