Monday, March 08, 2010

Battlegames interviews Rick Priestly and John Stallard

A long interview with Rick Priestly and John Stallard by Henry Hyde of Battlegames magazine is very interesting on the development of Games Workshop as a company over the years. More recently Priestly and Stallard have been involved in publishing Black Powder Battles - a set of historical wargames rules for the "musket era".

I think the most interesting part of the interview for me was Rick Priestly's reflections on the nature of rules that wargamers favour. The dislike of adolescent gamers for grey areas and ability to grasp detail as a design factor with Warhammer was interesting.

It has made me wonder if the reason that I now prefer games with a fairly high level of judgement and less exhaustively comprehensive rules such as They couldn't hit an elephant from the Too Fat Lardies or Rules for the Common Man from Peter Pig is that I have been gaming for a long period and don't feel that every possibility has to be covered.

This is something that I'll return to as I clarify my thoughts about this topic and actually get to play some of these games.

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