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C&C, RQ, WFRP review: Appendix C Creating RuneQuest Characters

Just one initially, rolling the dice gets me (3d6 in order - a real nostalgia item for me):

  • Strength 14 - good start and this means with training I can get Con up to 14 and good hit points.
  • Constitution 11 - average
  • Size 11 - average
  • Dexterity 6 - not great, luckily if I get the money it can be trained up a lot
  • Intelligence 14 - another good roll and useful for many things. As this cannnot be increased I'm glad its a good score.
  • Power 12 - high average not really a big help at this point.
  • Charisma 7 - poor, but there are ways to build it up.

And the effects of the characteristic rolls:
  • Attack +0% (+5% Intelligence -5% Dexterity)
  • Parry -5% (-5% Dexterity)
  • Defense +0% (+5% Intelligence -5% Dexterity)
  • Damage +1D4 (Average of Strength + Size 14+11= 25/2 = 12.5 - the .5 means that Tyndall get an increase)
  • Perception +5% (+5% Intelligence)
  • Stealth +0% (+5% Intelligence -5% Dexterity)
  • Manipulation +0% (+5% Intelligence -5% Dexterity)
  • Knowledge +5% (+5% Intelligence)
  • Hit Points: 11 - equal to constitution as he is not large enough or lucky enough to get more.
  • Maximum Encumbrance: (Average of Strength and Constitution) 12

Background: 32 Townsman Starting Money 2D100 = 168 Lucky!

Skills: The percentage in brackets is the base chance with the final after applying his bonuses shown as percentages

Evaluate Treasure(5)10%Listen(25)25%
Read/Write Own Language(10)15%Spot Hidden(5)10%
Map Making(10)10%Camouflage(10)10%
Swimming(15)15%Hide in Cover(05)5%
Climbing(15)20%Move Quietly(05)5%
Hide Item(10)10%Pick Pockets(05)5%
Lock Picking(05)5%
Trap Set/Disarm(05)5%

Starting equipment: Tyndall gets a set of clothing, fire making equipment, belt knife, torches and rope from his background. After that he has to buy equipment and this is where costs soon mount up.

Weapon selection: luckily Tyndall's high strength makes up for his poor dexterity allowing him to use weapons like a spear or crossbow. Every 2 points of strength above the minimum for the use of the weapon allows 1 point of dexterity requirement to be ignored. So he'll take a short spear, medium shield, shortsword, dagger and then his armour will be leather as that is pretty much all he can afford at this point. There is not much point in taking a missile weapon as the only one he can really afford is a javelin in exchange for the shortsword and leather vambraces.

The equipment list with cost in brackets and encumbrance value following.
1H Short Spear (15) -2
Shrt Sword (25) - 1
Dagger (20) - 0
Composite Helm (10) - 0
Medium shield (30) - 2
Leather Byrnie (20) - 1
Leather Trews (10) - 0
Leather Vambraces (10) - 0
Adventurers pack (25) - 2
Fire starter (bow & block) (0)
Total 165 lunars 8 encumbrance.
This will leave Tyndall with only 3 lunars so he needs to be lucky adventuring to replace those.

Ok, so combat stats:

Weapon/Shield NameDamageSRHPAttack %Parry %RangeEnc
1H Short Spear1d6+1+1d421510%10%2
Medium Shield1210%2

Location NameArmour TypeHPAPEncLocation
HeadComposite Helm430.519-20
Left ArmLeather Vambrace31016-18
Right ArmLeather Vambrace31013-15
ChestLeather Byrnie52112
AbdomenLeather Trews410.509-11
Left LegLeather Trews410.505-08
Right LegLeather Trews410.501-04

I'll run Tyndall through the prior experience system in a latter post to show how that works with a character.

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