Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Podcast Review: Guardian Tech Weekly

Tech Weekly is a regular podcast from theGuardian

There are a floating group of regular presenters from the Guardian's journalists with Aleks Krotoski the regular host with Charles Arthur, Jemima Kiss and Bobby Johnson all appearing regularly. There are interviews with a wide range of people that relate to each podcast's theme, with an understandable bias towards British contributors.

The regular content will relate to recent technology news and also has regular features like the Elevator Pitch, where start ups explain what their company or product is about in only the time to ride in an elevator. This show is aimed at the general listener rather than the technology specialist so the content does not go into deep technical discussion and tends to feature social impacts of the issues.

The sound quality is good as you would expect from a professionally produced podcast and downloads from the Guardian's own website or iTunes are reliable and fast.

This is a worthwhile podcast to keep abrest of technology news, though it would ideally be supplemented with other podcasts such as the BBC's Digital Planet.

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