Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Podcast Review: Digital Planet

Digital Planet is an IT and digital technology podcast from the BBC.

The main presenter Gareth Mitchell introduces the items which will normally cover a range of technology topics with the main regular guest presenter being Bill Thompson, who also writes for the BBC's websites. The discussion is clear and accessible for a layman, but due to the constraints of the format can not be particularly in depth.

Examples of topics covered would be the launch of the Google Android phone, how analysis of politicians' voices can reveal their personalities, effects of social networking in games and an entire episode devoted to technology in Brazil.

This does not attempt to be a comprehensive news podcast with the BBC having Science in Action to cover news topics.

Sound quality is high as you would expect from a BBC podcast and downloads from iTunes or other websites seem reliable with file sizes kept down.

This is another useful podcast for keeping up with technology news and I do listen to it regularly. Recommended.

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