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C&C, RQ, WFRP review: Appendix A Creating C&C Characters

A Tale of two characters...

Rolling the dice and then assigning the numbers as per the core rules I got two sets to work with.
Character 1Character 2

I'll do Character 2 as a separate post to avoid these becoming too long.
Geoffrey Borecutt
Dwarf Fighter Level 1
AC: 14

Dexterity:(10-1) 9+0
Constitution:(12+1) 13Prime+1

By putting the die roll of 12 into a demi-human's characteristic that has a positive modifier I'm able to boost a second characteristic into having a positive modifier.

Abilities: Weapon Specialisation - this gets a +1 to hit and to damage with a selected weapon. I'm going to go with the fearsome bearded axe though that does mean not being able to use a shield. Because of the +1 to hit and damage from his strength, Geoffrey will have a +3 to hit from his BAB, Strength and Weapon Specialisation and +2 to damage. With the bearded axe he'll do 3d4+2 damage giving a minimum of 5 and an average of 9.5 which in C&C will be lethal to low level opposition like Orc's and Hobgoblins.

Bearded Axe +3 to hit Damage: 3d4 +2
Dagger +2 to hit Damage 1D4+1
Sling +1 to hit Damage 1D4 Range 50 ft

Movement: 20 ft

Starting gold 110 - not great for a fighter who will always need armour and weapons at first level.
ItemCostEncumbrance ValueLocationComments
Bearded Axe20gp4carried
Scale Mail50gp4(w)wornIncludes a Leather Coif
Sling-1Belt pouch
Armour and Weapon oil1gp2pack
Large Belt Pouch1gp1(w)worn
4 Bandages2sp-Belt pouch
Pipe5gpBelt pouch
1 lb tobacco5sp1Belt pouch
Flint and steel1gp-Belt pouch
Heavy Boots1gp1(w)worn

So Geoffrey ends up with a few GP remaining: (110gp - 89gp 6sp) 20gp 4sp

His total encumbrance is not the sum of the encumbrance values of his equipment, armour and weapons as putting items into the Belt Pouch and Pack reduces the total EV and the items with a (w) have the encumbrance reduced when worn.

To work out Geoffrey's encumbrance his Encumbrance Rating has to be calculated which has a base 10 with any Strength modifier applied and with plus 2 for either of Strength or Constitution being a Prime. So Geoffrey with a Strength modifier of +1 and both of those attributes as Primes has an ER of 15. The maximum possible would be an ER17 with a Strength modifier of +3.

The Encumbrance Value of the items with a (w) suffix is reduced by 1 when worn so this means that Geoffrey's clothes are ignored and hsi armour only has an EV of 3. The items in the pack and belt pouch have their total EV reduced by 2 so the pack containing a bedroll (EV3), crowbar (EV2), canteen (EV1) and armour and weapon oil(EV1) has a total encumbrance of 5 for contents (7-2) and 1 for the pack itself (2-1) giving an EV of 6. The pouch with two items with an EV of 1 in it, sling and 1lb of tobacco has an EV of 0 (2-2 for contents, 1-1 for pouch). Geoffrey's total EV then is 14:
  • Bearded Axe 4
  • Armour 3
  • Pack 6
  • Dagger 1

As this is less than his ER he is not encumbered and moves normally.

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