Monday, September 15, 2008

HotT Teddy Bear army thoughts

For when my finances improve I think I've seen the next Hordes of the Things army that I want to purchase. Even though it is in 28mm rather than my preferred 15mm or 6mm. It's Eureka's 7 Year Picnic range with Teddy Bears in 18th Century military uniforms available in the UK from Fighting 15s. I'm not sure which army to base the colours on as the Austrians and Prussians were the main participants, but Russia is traditionally the bear and a Russian army would allow the use of a hero in terms of Bearon von Muenchhausen. The other more fantasy/whimsical options could be making a jack in the box as a lurker. The stronghold could be a picnic blanket with hamper, bottles of ginger ale and cakes on it.

Army List
UnitNumberAPTotal AP
Rider General122
Cavalry (Riders)224
Grenadiers (Blades)224
Line Infantry (Shooters)428
LurkerJack in the Box11
HeroBearon von Muenchhausen14
Warband or ShootersPandours22

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