Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Gaming Podcast Review 21 Yog-Radio 29 and 30

Just as my regular slot got established I ran into enough RW problems to stop it, I'm now going to relaunch Wednesdays as a reviews wednesday for all types of media and products not just pocasts.

To start I'll cover the two latest Yog-Radio episodes which will conclude season 1 of Yog-Radio. As I've already reviewed Yog-Radio before I won't cover much except the specific content. Yog-Radio 29 has an interview with S.T. Joshi which was interesting, particularly about the versions of the stories that he has restored to match Lovecraft's originals. And 30 has a shout out to me. Yay! The Dan Harms interview is interesting too and I think Paul of Cthulhu has become a good interviewer now with the RPG authors. These episodes keep up the ususl high standards of Yog-Radio and I look forward to season 2. As an aside please try and support them either by buying products through their site, becoming a patron or donating.

I'll be back next wednesday with another review and will probably get on with my comparative review of Castles & Crusades, RQII and Warhammer FRP2 soon.

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