Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Gaming Podcast Review 16 The 2 Half Squads

The 2 half squads is an Advanced Squad Leader podcast which has only recently started and seems to be coming out pretty regularly as we've now had 5 episodes.

The two regular presenters, Jeff Hallett and Dave Kleinschmidt, have an excellent interplay. There are a number of regular items now in these podcasts including tactical tips for both newcomers and experienced players, favourite scenarios, and "what's in the box". What's in the box reviews the contents of a module for ASL, the favorite scenarios discusses pretty much what it says and the tactical tips include the ASL Starter Kits, which is important for me. There are pretty frequent guests from the ASL community which helps keep things interesting. I'd rate the content highly for players of ASL,

This is a bit of a weak area, the first episode had a distinct echo and sound quality can be a bit variable,

I like this podcast and it is interesting if you are interested in Advanced Squad Leader. I'd say for ASL players this is pretty much essential, but if you are not interested in the game then you could probably give it a miss for one of the more general wargames or boardgames podcasts.

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The 2 Half-Squads said...

Thanks for the great review, we have since upgraded our sound equipment and the quality has improved.
Dave and Jeff (the 2 Half-Squads)