Saturday, May 31, 2008

Gaming Podcast review 14 Contact with the Enemy

Contact with the Enemy takes its name from Helmut Von Moltke's aphorism that "no battle plan survives contact with the enemy". This is a new podcast on board wargames presented by Martin Burke and Paul Glenn.

The content so far has been in depth discussion of wargames, so far the games covered are Hannibal: Rome v Carthage, Here I Stand, Up Front and Attack Sub. This is very useful if you are looking to buy or already play one of these games. For me it is likely to mean that I tend to listen to only a proportion of the episodes as I don't always have time to listen to content about games of marginal interest to me.

Like most new amateur podcasts the technical quality has been a bit rough as they are needing to record with Skype as the two presenters are in different regions of the USA. I think this will improve with time and experience, but it can make parts of the speech unclear. The downloads are pretty smooth and the podcast is available through iTunes.

This is a useful podcast for players of board wargames and I would recommend trying it even though technically it still needs work.

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