Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Gaming Podcast review 13 The Games The Thing

Lucky thirteen is going to be The Games The Thing.

This is a fairly long running podcast, though it has not had the sheer frequency of production that some of the other long running shows have, but 30+ episodes in 2 years is pretty frequent. There is a tendency to split shows by content, so there are RPG and boardgames episodes. This probably is good for listeners as it means that they are not forced to skip or listen to content that they are not interested in.

The two regular hosts at the moment are Ron and Veronica Blessing, but there are plenty of additional contributors and interviews in the podcasts. I tend to be more interested in the RPG podcasts, though there is a bit of a bias towards the Savage Worlds game. Well with some podcasts you sometimes feel that the presenters are married, here they are for sure! I've liked the roundtable feature of the reviews as it helps to hear a range of opinions and brings out more points in the discussion. Listening to the interview with Dave Blewer about the Sundered Skies setting has made me interested in both that setting and Savage Worlds now, so it can be guilty for hurting my wallet.

Most of the episodes I've heard have been clear and easy to listen to, including what I suspect have been interviews using Skype so this passes muster.

I like this podcast and will be picking up the episodes that contain the content I'm interested in on a pretty regular basis now. This podcast is highly recommended to players of Savage Worlds as it looks like one of the top sources for interviews and discussion of this game.

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