Thursday, May 22, 2008

Gaming Podcast review 12: Bacchus miniatures

This is a podcast from Peter Berry of Bacchus Miniatures though he does include other contributors and other manufacturer's products as well as his own 6mm miniatures and rules. Not forgetting a word from Igor.

So far there have only been 3 episodes with the most recent in January 2008. The content does include a fair amount of discussion of UK wargames shows which is interesting to me, particularly hearing the traders' perspective. There have also been some thought provoking discussions of areas with gaming like the new ranges of 40mm figures being released, which actually inspired me to make an earlier post on my blog. The reviews of other products are useful and tied into ones which will support Bacchus' ranges for understandable reasons. At around 30-40 minutes long I think this is a decent length podcast and doesn't struggle to fill time like some others.

Sound quality is nice and clear and I've found downloading from the Bacchus website easy.

I'll certainly go back for later episodes of this of this podcast

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