Monday, May 12, 2008

Gaming Podcast review 11 Point 2 Point

Point 2 Point is a board wargaming podcast, I feel that I need to make the point that it is based on boardgames as my reviews are including miniatures wargames podcasts as well.

Well this is very much a wargames podcast, with a bit of emphasis on the competitive as well as social side. The content includes other contributors now, with ASLSK fan reviewing air wargames in some of the recent episodes I've listened to. The two regular presenters Jason and Scott have a good interplay and this has really stimulated my interest in getting back to gaming with board wargames again.

The show pretty regularly features interviews with these having included Don Greenwood, formerly of Avalon Hill, and these are always a highlight of podcasts for me. These episodes with interviews tend to be my favoured ones, though sometimes the reviews or discussions feature games I'm particularly interested in. One nice thing is the amount of times the discussion of games are clearly based on good playing experience.

I've found that the technical quality is pretty good and this is not an issue with the show or the file size.

This is a podcast that I will listen to regularly, but probably not every episode as some of the convention reports are not all that relevant to me in the UK.

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