Monday, May 26, 2008

Creating C&C Character part #2

This proved to be a much quicker exercise than the Conan characters, as there was not the need to work out all the skills and feats for the characters and this is why I managed to get 4 done in only a few days.

This character is a cleric, as the Wilderlands setting has a huge number of possible go ds it took me sometime to decide which one he should follow. In the end I had a concept that made me choose Nephtlys, goddess of wealth. Unlike 3e D&D there is no need to identify the domains of the god though it is nice to have appropriate spells as I don't see a cleric of Poseidon having too many flame spells.

The tricky part with C&C characters tends to be identifying which attributes to make primes, which is in some ways harder with humans as you are able to have two more on top of the class prime. With characters with less high quality stats there is no longer the desire to min-max by putting all the primes on attributes with positive bonuses and this could lead to better characterisation and role play. In this case I've gone with Intelligence as a prime, despite it being a poor stat to reflect a shrewd if unintelligent character.

The character concept as being more of a talkative priest rather than a warrior priest means I've made the three primes on the mental stats of intelligence, wisdom and charisma for this character.

Character Name: Alwyn
Rank/Position/Concept: Acolyte (trainee) cleric of Nephtlys.
Sex: Male
Species: Human (Alryan)
Homeland: CSIO (Haghill)
Age: 20
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 170lbs
Colour of - Hair: Black Eyes: Brown Skin: Ruddy
Appearance: Portly, unremarkable appearance, scar on left hand
Clothing: In town Alwyn wears the green robes of the priests of Nephtlys, while travelling usually he wears his armour more openly due to the dangers of the Rorystone Road.
Demeanour: Gregarious, talkative,
Wealth, spreading the worship of Nephtlys, encouraging merchants and trade, becoming rich

Growing up as the son of a merchant in Haghill with its frequent visits from the caravans trading between the City State and Thunderhold Alwyn regarded trade and wealth as important and he became an acolyte of the temple of Nephtlys goddess of wealth as a teenager. He regards growing wealthy and acquiring its trappings as important making money from tithes from merchants, selling healing and other spells to other parties and acting as a scribe. He has spent much time talking to travellers and joining caravans on their way to the City State and back before being sent north to Gaehill to investigate the rumours about Orc raids by Tilya, priestess Nephtlys at Haghill.

At the tavern at Gaehill he found himself joining Durren Bury and Owain LLandwyr with their similar missions to investigate happenings at Winkdale, he has joined them knowing that his skills are not in combat, but in negotiation and that Orcs may be hard to talk into trading pacts.

Contacts: Ranald Stark, merchant in Gaehill.

Class: Cleric Level: 1 XP: 0

Stats / Skills & Saves, inc +6 Prime bonus:
Str 9 (+0)/ (+1)
Dex 11 (+0)/ (+1)
Con 12 (+0)/ (+1)
Int 6 (-1)/P(+6)
Wis 15 (+1)/P(+8)
Cha 12 (+0)/P (+7)

GP 3 SP 2 CP -

Prime Characteristics: Wisdom, Intelligence, Charisma

Languages: Common, Alryan
Background, Race & Profession: Priest of Nephtlys, goddess of wealth
HP: 1
AC: 14 (+3 Ring, +1 Large shield)
Class abilities: Spells, turn undead

Spells per day: 0: 3, 1: 2, 2: 0, 3: 0, 4: 0

Spells known:
Level 0: First aid, purify food and drink, detect magic
Level 1: Cure light wounds,
Level 2:
Level 3:
Level 4:

Armour: Ring Mail, Large shield, Normal helm
Weapons: Heavy mace +0 1D8
Quarterstaff +0 1D6
Silver holy symbol
Soft boots
Hooded Lantern
4 flasks oil
8oz ink
10 sheets parchment
Scroll case
1 weeks rations
2 bottles common wine

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