Sunday, May 25, 2008

All the boardgames I own part 2

To continue my earlier post

  1. Flight Leader - Modern air combat, one that I haven't played all that much with the advanced rules, but I remember the importance of fuel conservation for many aircraft. Probably one that I will break out again sometime.
  2. Red Baron - WWI Air Combat game from the Wargamer magazine. One that I liked playing and a decent rather than outstanding game. Air combat is always tricky to simulate in 2d, but I prefer these earlier periods where the slower speeds and lower capabilities of the aircraft make it easier to deal with.
  3. Sticks and Stones - Another Metagaming microgame, stone age man in combat This contains a solo scenario for a mammoth hunt and I'll look at doing a review on this one some time both for a solitaire game and a
  4. Metric Mile - a game that I really like both as a game per se and as a simulation of my favourite event from track and field athletics the mile/1,500 metres race. This is a really good game that I have reviewed at Boardgamegeek and as a former miler myself I can say that I feel it is a good simulation. Lambourne Games have released a follow up game, but I've not had the chance to play that so I'll have to reserve judgement.
  5. One Page Bulge - one of Steve Jackson Games' earliest releases, a straightforward WWII game with the rules fitting on one sheet of 8.5" x 11" paper. An easy to play little game, but not a classic given the constraints.
  6. Up Front - the Squad Leader card game as it was called, though unlike SL or ASL it really is squad level with individuals in a squad being controlled. It works really well and provides plenty of challenges even to experienced players due to the randomness from the card drawing mechanism. Probably got the cover artwork that I least like to be seen with though.
  7. Banzai - expansion one for Up Front brings in the British and Japanese and a set of new scenarios allowing US Marines v Japanese games where the USMC have a distinct set of differences from the regular US army squad in the regular game. Of course I mainly bought it to be able to play the Brits.
  8. Desert War - the second Up Front expansion brings in the French and Italians. Neither is that effective, but for me it was nice to get the game and all the expansions.
  9. Mythos - well as I've included Up Front, I'm going to include other card games. This is the original game that broke Chaosium and I did actually like it, but obviously didn't buy enough boosters so that there were an awful lot left unsold till late on with this game.
  10. Munchkin - Another Steve Jackson Game, this is an entertaining 'beer and prezels' game, but wouldn't be one that I would want to play every week. I've had my copy signed by John Kovalic, but this is far from unusual ;) - a reflection of how willing John is to sign stuff at conventions rather than a bad thing.

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