Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Why Adsense?

Recently I've added AdSense to my blog, which was something that I took some time to decide on as I have to admit a bit of reluctance to add more advertising onto the web and to help Google make even more money. I'd already implemented Google Analytics to be able to view how many (more accurately how few) visitors my website recieves.Due to the rather parlous state of my current finances I've not really been able to afford to buy much gaming stuff at the moment and that is why I did take the opportunity to see if I could make a little extra to help fund my gaming and reviewing.

Its been interesting using analytics to see where I get my visitors from, and I have been able to see the impact of when I have posted on a forum that I use about my blog content. I think to try and help make the blog useful I'll continue with the projects of creating characters for all the RPG I own, reviewing gaming prodcasts and include supplementary material for the reviews I write for RPG.net and EnWorld.

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