Friday, April 25, 2008

Podcast review: Dial P for Pulp

Podcast Review: B Dial P for Pulp

Dial P for Pulp is a podcast dedicated to the pulp fiction magazines of the 1920s and 30s. This can cover a wide range with Robert E. Howard's stories including westerns and horror as well as his better known fantasy stories. Other typical topics would be Doc Savage and H.P.Lovecraft. This review was tricky to classify for me as I wan't sure to treat it as a gaming podcast review or a general one like FNH's Chtulhu podcast. This is because though there is content that would be useful for gamers in both podcasts neither is primarily aimed at gamers.

Dial P for Pulp is fairly new with it only having reached 6 episodes in March 2008 having started in September 2007, so it seems to be keeping to its monthly target.

The content is varied with it including readings of stories and poems, most of which are from the pulp magazines, for example the first three episodes include a reading of Robert E Howard's Solomon Kane story "Red ". There has started to be a fair amount of gaming content included with episode 6 having a round up of available games rules including Irregular Miniatures' Tusk, and Rattrap productions .45 Adventures and Fantastic Worlds. I still don't put this in with my gaming podcast review though.

Generally I've found the technical quality to be good with clear audio and nothing too messy from the editing. So the blog is certainly up to the standards of most other blogs.

I like this blog a lot and recommend it. It has content for fans of pulp fiction, comics and gamers so it covers a broad spectrum and comes in at a decent length of usually around 1 hour.


ironmammoth said...


Thanks for the review!

I will have to add your blog to my regular RSS feed, as it looks very interesting!

David Drage

Dave said...

Thanks for the comments David. I'll be looking to add Dial P to Pulp to my RSS feed and I look forward to the next episode.

If you've any requests for stuff to be reviewed please put it into the comments on here.