Thursday, April 03, 2008

Finishing Conan Character generation

Character background for Tut-anh-mekri.

Tut-anh-mekri was born into the Stygian nobility and grew to an impressive stature even as a teenager reaching 6'3" (1.89m) making him hard to mistake. As a Stygian noble he learned much of the arts of war, but was always better with the study of arcane lore. His early aptitude for study and desire to learn the dark arts led to him becoming an acolyte of the Black Ring. His master, Ankh-en-atra soon recognized how exceptional his pupil was, and how dangerous he could become.

Tut stands broad shouldered at 6'3" with his presence physically only overwhelmed by his greater force of personality. His black hair and olive skin are typical of Stygian nobles, but the fire in his brown eyes is startling, His black robes cover his frame and emphasize his physical presence.

He seeks now to learn greater things and move rapidly through the ranks of the Black Ring. He will often try to intimidate rather than fight opponent, but is capable of being dangerous in combat.

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