Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Making characters for all the RPG I own revisited

Well I decided to try and do that quite a while ago original August 2007 post and so far I've managed to get a couple done for the Conan RPG and I've got started on a Warhammer FRP 2.0 character, but it may be quite some time till I get much further though as I switch to less crunchy systems it may get easier.

I've been looking at my gaming collection and I think that I'll include a D20 Modern character for the Iron Lords of Jupiter setting that was published in the Polyhedron.

This makes the list
1. Conan RPG - done
2. Warhammer FRP
3. Castles & Crusades
4. D20 Modern/Iron Lords of Jupiter
5. Cthulhu Dark Ages
6. Paranoia XP (maybe I should do both editions I own if I have time)
7. D&D 3.5
8. Bushido
9. Runequest II
10. Metamorphosis Alpha
11. Bunnies and Burrows
12. Toon

That is a bit of a scarily long list now... we'll see how it goes

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