Monday, January 28, 2008

Gaming Podcast Review 2 All About Miniatures

And I produce the second of my gaming podcast reviews, there was a big of a struggle deciding which one to review as I have been listening to several recently and I enjoying them. I decided on a change of topic from the RPG slant of the first one to a miniatures gaming podcast. So this was a choice between All About Miniatures and Meeples & Miniatures.

Gaming podcast review no 2. All About Miniatures

I've now listened to all of these that have been released. All About Miniatures is a podcast, that is self explanatory in its name. Sadly we've not had any episodes released recently (at time of writing). The miniatures wargames that it covers includes historical, fantasy and SF games largely using larger scale miniatures (25-28mm). The regular hosts John and Dan (John Widerman and Daniel Martin) are engaging and this show has the multi presenter format that I favour. The show is linked to the Miniature General blog, which is John Martin's blog and is again has not been updated recently.

Content usually includes rules and miniatures reviews with many episodes split into two parts to keep the longer part close to the hour mark. The other regular features are feedback and battles in the month. They also have interviews, convention announcements and occasional guest features.

The most useful part of these podcasts to me is definitely the reviews as it is nice to hear a couple of opinions on a set of rules that has definitely been tried out by the reviewers. Another good feature with the reviews is that they do not always agree with each other so there is still a difference of opinion reflected.

A good podcast with a nice interplay between the presenters and useful reviews. I don't like it quite as much as I do Yog-Radio, but I would still say that I recommend it. Hopefully we will get some new episodes this year.

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