Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Creating characters for all the RPG I own

Inspired by this thread on I've decided to make a character for every RPG I own, using all the character generation methods possible, e.g. the Conan RPG has standard and heroic so I'll make one for each. This will help me get my project for reviewing RPG back on track too.

I'm not going to do these in any particular order, but the games will include:

  1. Conan
  2. Castles & Crusades
  3. Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 edition
  4. Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 2nd edition
  5. Bushido
  6. Paranoia
  7. Paranoia XP
  8. Bunnies & Burrows
  9. Flash Gordon and the Warriors of Mongo
  10. Metamorphosis Alpha

For kick off I'll do Conan.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Which Tarot Card are you.

You are The Moon

Hope, expectation, Bright promises.

The Moon is a card of magic and mystery - when prominent you know that nothing is as it seems, particularly when it concerns relationships. All logic is thrown out the window.

The Moon is all about visions and illusions, madness, genius and poetry. This is a card that has to do with sleep, and so with both dreams and nightmares. It is a scary card in that it warns that there might be hidden enemies, tricks and falsehoods. But it should also be remembered that this is a card of great creativity, of powerful magic, primal feelings and intuition. You may be going through a time of emotional and mental trial; if you have any past mental problems, you must be vigilant in taking your medication but avoid drugs or alcohol, as abuse of either will cause them irreparable damage. This time however, can also result in great creativity, psychic powers, visions and insight. You can and should trust your intuition.

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