Sunday, December 03, 2006

Dragonmeet 2006

Well I went yesterday and thought that the Dragonmeet games convention in London was probably better attended than last year. I'm glad that this con is running regularly again as I remember the 1980s version with some affection and it is good to have a con that features RPGs as a major item in London. At the moment London seems better served for miniatures wargames cons, such as Salute than RPG ones.

It was good to catch up with some of my gaming friends who don't live in London anymore so I don't often see. We ended up playing Shadows over Camelot getting the team win and defeating the traitor player, the old GW Judge Dredd which is the antithesis of team play and Munchkin Impossible. With Munchkin Impossible I was impressed by the cards where there are some fun descriptions and monsters, though the rules are pretty much standard Munchkin.

I didn't go mad to buy stuff only getting my brother an xmas present and a Mighty Armies Wild Elf army from Mongoose for myself. I was saved a bit of temptation by the fact that there were not as many minis companies as at the wargames shows as I might be able to resist most RPG stuff on the grounds that I have plenty of things to run, minis still have that "shiny" factor.

Now just a case of looking forward to next year's con I suppose.

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