Friday, April 21, 2006

Castles & Crusades Redux

Well I've now got the second edition of the Casltes and Crusades Player's Handbookand have been immediately struck by the improvement in the layout and design. The rules changes seem to be fairly minor with encumbrance being clarified and made a bit less restrictive on many characters. The equipment section has a fair number of new weapons added, but these have some typos in the stats and lack descriptions or illustrations, which is a pity as some are not necessarily obvious to those of us without a background in medieval history or D&D's love affair with obscure pole arms. "You are attacked by the orc with it's glaive-guisarm"

The layout helps a lot in the spell descriptions and lists where it makes the book much easier to use. I've not had time to read it in any detail yet so I'll have to leave my more detailed impressions for when I write a review of it on ENWorld. Art seems to be similar, but some new pieces have been added and some others removed from the 1st edition.