Sunday, September 25, 2005

Starting off

First post on my first blog.

Stuff to be written about includes RPG, films, art, sport, etc. Hopefully avoiding the solipsism of some bloggers and looking to create a useful journal.

Okay, how much to say now.

Role playing game boards
I post to a few of these usually as 'Monster Mash' - I can often be seen on Necromancer Games, ENWorld and Randomlingshouse, with a rare excursion onto I'm spending less time on these now as I'm trying to spend more time gaming and less writing about it, and I've got a heap of scenarios I want to work on which take time to write up.

On friday I finally saw the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy movie, first impression - not as I feared, and reasonably good at trying to get a stab at the spirit of the radio shows and books, but lacking the digressions that really added to the humour. So watchable, but not brilliant probably about a six out of ten, I liked Martin Freeman as Arthur Dent as he is probably the ideal everyman type actor and the cameos from Simon Jones and the original Marvin were nice to see. The special effects were ok, and the change in the plot to make the Vogon's more directly threatening probably was needed with a stand alone movie.

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